Hosted Leaders Programme brought to you by Bett and Learnit

千亿体育官网Meeting the Right People

Our programme is dedicated to creating meaningful connections and building new relationships through a series of personalised, face-to-face, 15-minute meetings between education leaders and education and technology  companies. Each meeting is carefully curated by our dedicated Hosted Leaders Programme Team and is based on both parties’ interests and needs. We only match meetings where there is value for both the leader and the company.

Spaces are limited and we reach full capacity very early in the show cycle so please be sure to book your place as soon as possible. This initiative is invaluable and provides tangible ROI for both you and the world's most inspiring education leaders...but don't take it from us, hear it directly from those who took part at Bett 2020, the buzz is electric!

"I feel that the hosted leaders programme is the best improvement to Bett for some time! The Hosted Leaders Programme gave me the opportunity to meet senior managers/directors of key organisations, in a focused one to one session.  As a result we have managed to put the building blocks to two new contracts and establish two promising lines of enquiry. I would certainly like to be part of the programme next year!"
John Adams, Operations Director, Lever Academy Trust

The Following Organisations Have Taken Part in Bett & Learnit’s Hosted Leaders Programme Previously:

Acorn Trust, Aspire Academy Trust, Barnes Farm Junior School, Bath and Wells Multi Academy Trust, Bedford School, Beechwood Sacred Heart School, Berkhamsted Schools Group, Blackpool and the Fylde College , Bohunt Education Trust , Bolton School , Briarwood SEN School , Cardiff and Vale College , Chiltern Learning Trust, Cidari Education Limited, City of London Freemen's School, Derby Diocesan Academy Trust, Eastern Multi Academy Trust , Ebor Academy Trust, Ellenbrook Community Primary School , Elm Grove Primary School , Esher C of E High School , First Federation Trust , Glebe Primary School , Griffin Schools Trust , Hatching Dragons , Insignis Academy Trust , Kennet School Academies Trust, King's College School - Wimbledon , King's School - Macclesfield , Lanchester Endowed Parochial Primary School, Learning Without Limits Academy Trust , Leeds College of Building , LEO Academy Trust , Lever Academy Trust, Little Lever School , Maritime Academy Trust, Merchant Taylors' School for Boys, North Bridge House Senior School, Hampstead - Cognita Group, Oakhill Secure Training Centre , Onslow Infant School , Potteries Educational Trust , Putney High School (GDST), Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Scalby Learning Trust, Seaview Primary School, SENDAT, SGS College, Shenstone Lodge School - Manor Hall Academy Trust, Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Sola Kommune , St John Fisher Catholic Voluntary Academy, St. Kevin's Community College - Dunlavin, Star Academies, Tall Oaks Academy Trust - Mercer's Wood Academy, TEACH Poole, The Keys Federation Academy Trust, The Leys School, The Rodillian Multi Academy Trust, The Shared Learning Trust, Thomas Deacon Education Trust , Trinitas Academy Trust, University of Chichester Academy Trust , Wellington School, Wellsway Multi Academy Trust, Yarm School


千亿体育官网Frequently asked questions

How Much Is The Bursary?

Bursaries will be given according to where you are travelling from:

千亿体育官网Up to £750     Outside Europe

Up to £450     Within Europe (excluding UK)

Up to £250     Within the UK

Additional funding is available for those bringing delegations from ministries of education. Please contact us on to discuss.

How do I make a claim?

Once you’ve completed your personalised meetings, you can submit your travel and hotel receipts up to the correct value and we will reimburse you directly. We can do this via a bank transfer or a cheque to any account in the UK. International buyers will be reimbursed via wire and will require a bank account that can accept transfers from a UK bank account.

When will my meetings take place?

Your meetings will take place in 2 x 1 hour blocks on a maximum of two consecutive days at Bett and Learnit. All meetings take place between Tuesday 19 January and Thursday 21 January 2021. Your meetings will either therefore all be on one day, or a maximum of Tuesday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Thursday.

Can other colleagues from my organisation apply?

千亿体育官网Yes, there is no limit to the number of people who can apply to the programme.

How do I know I won’t just be pitched by companies I don’t want to work with?

千亿体育官网We only match a meeting with an education and technology company and an education leader where we believe interests overlap and the company could help solve an issue that leader is facing. Leaders submit two detailed surveys outlining their needs (one during the application process and one in early December). In these surveys you have the opportunity to list companies you do (or don’t) want to meet as well as areas you are looking to find solutions in.

Do I have to work with the companies I meet with?

千亿体育官网No, absolutely not. Bett and Learnit provide this programme and funding so that you can explore opportunities on a zero-cost basis to your education institution. There is no obligation to work with any of the companies you meet with.

I have more questions

We’d love to hear from you! Contact us on

View Terms & Conditions

1. Expenses Budget - The Hosted Leaders Programme provides a travel/hotel allowance of up to £750 per person for qualifying educator leaders.

千亿体育官网Bursaries will be given according to where you are travelling from:

Up to £750     Outside Europe

千亿体育官网Up to £450     Within Europe (excluding UK)

Up to £250     Within the UK

2. Qualification千亿体育官网 - To qualify, individuals must: (a) be responsible for buying or evaluating the purchase of education solutions and/or products for their school(s)/university(ies) or talent programme within a business, and (b) take part in up to eight (8) 15-minute onsite meetings with participating sponsors, which are based on a combined opt-in and opt-out process so that they are useful to everyone. Qualification is at Bett’s sole discretion.

3. Meeting Times - Your eight 15-minute meetings will be held during dedicated hours of the event between Tuesday 19 and Thursday 21 January 2021. Your final schedule will be sent to you up to 3 days prior to the event. Your meetings will either all happen on one day, or they will happen across two consecutive days (Tuesday to Wednesday or Wednesday to Thursday).

4. Travel Arrangements - You are responsible for making your own travel and accommodation arrangements to attend Bett and (or) Learnit. You can book a room in nearby hotels by clicking here. We do not guarantee the availability of our hotels, and recommend you book early.

5. Programme Participation千亿体育官网 - We will contact you prior to the event to arrange your meetings. You agree to participate in this process, including (a) completing a short survey with questions about your company/organisation and job role, (b) participating in a combined opt-in and opt-out process to select sponsors for potential meetings, and (c) adding meetings to your calendar. Following Bett and (or) Learnit, you agree to provide post-event feedback on the programme and each meeting and to provide receipts for expenses. You agree to respond to all of our requests within our stated deadlines. Unresponsiveness to our deadlines and outreach to you may result in you being placed on a blacklist that will prevent you from qualifying for Bett's Hosted programme for one or more future years.

6. Failure to Complete Meetings千亿体育官网 - If you pick up your event badge onsite or otherwise attend Bett and (or) Learnit  but do not complete one or more of your scheduled meetings: (a) we will not be responsible for any costs associated with your travel or hotel and you will not receive any reimbursement, and (b) you may also be placed on a blacklist that will prevent you from qualifying for the Hosted Leaders Programme for one or more future years. Notwithstanding the foregoing, we reserve the right at our sole discretion to prorate your travel/hotel reimbursement calculated based on the total meetings for which you were scheduled.

7. Replacements - If you are approved for the Hosted Meetings Programme but become unable to participate even though you are still with your organisation, you agree to suggest one or more substitutes from your organisation as your replacement in the programme. Acceptance of any substitute is subject to our prior approval via email. If you cancel your participation in the Hosted programme and are not able to provide a substitute approved by us, this may result in you being placed on a blacklist that will prevent you from qualifying for the Hosted Leaders Programme for one or more future years.

8. Notice of Employment Change - If you (a) are no longer employed by, or (b) become aware prior to the event that you will no longer be employed at the time of the event or after the event by the company or organisation based upon which you were approved to participate in the Hosted programme, you must let us know immediately upon your becoming aware so that we can cancel your participation in the programme. In such cases, you will no longer be eligible to participate in the programme or to receive a travel/hotel reimbursement. At all times, including following the event , we reserve the right to only communicate with you at your work email address regardless of any other email address you may have provided or we may have otherwise used.

9. Reimbursement Process千亿体育官网 - As the final step to receiving your reimbursement for  travel/hotel expenses, we require that you complete a feedback form providing specific evaluations of each meeting (we will also ask participating sponsors to provide feedback on their meetings with you). Please note that Bett and (or) Learnit will not reimburse for any mileage, points or rewards used for travel. Reimbursement is conditioned upon your completing all of your scheduled meetings and submitting the feedback survey and electronic travel/hotel receipts following the event within our stated deadlines. Reimbursement is made within 30 days of receiving your expense receipts (clearly stating any VAT) and is made to UK bank accounts in GBP via wire transfer. International buyers will be reimbursed via wire and will require a bank account that can accept transfers from a UK bank account.

10. Information Sharing - Bett and (or) Learnit reserves the right to share any information you provide to us with participating sponsors at various stages of the Hosted Programme process.

Qualification for the  Hosted Leaders Programme is determined solely by Bett and Learnit and may be revoked at any time. By completing registration, you agree to these Hosted Meetings Programme Terms & Conditions.

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