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千亿体育官网Find answers to frequently asked questions about Bett.

Bett Assistant is our brand-new tool which contains much more information than the FAQs page, please talk to the Bett Assistant by clicking on the red button on the right side of the screen (ask me anything about the event!). 

”, our pledge to all visitors and exhibitors at our upcoming events around the world.

We have significant experience of running safe, secure and successful events. All the steps we outline in our Customer Commitments are in addition to the extensive health and safety measures we already employ at our events.

千亿体育官网Our Customer Commitments outline the extra measures we are applying across our portfolio of events globally, including those in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, Russia, Turkey and China.

千亿体育官网In addition to our Customer Commitments, Hyve events will follow local and national government guidance and laws, as well as venue and industry-specific requirements. The speed of change is rapid as we learn more about Covid-19 and the advances that are needed in order to protect our societies from its impact. We expect to make more announcements as our plans adapt.

Bringing people together remains at the heart of what we do, and our Customer Commitments are designed to keep our exhibitors, visitors, sponsors and delegates safe whilst doing business.

I'm a new exhibitor, what's the process?

Once you have signed your contract with your account manager you will receive your log in details to access your online profile within 24 hours. This is where you can edit and bring your online profile to life in and utilize your first point of contact with the buyers. Here you will also be able to access your exhibitor manual which contains all compulsory forms which you will need to complete by deadlines listed.

千亿体育官网It also contains the show timetable and contractor details, plus lots of other useful information. Once you have followed the steps laid out for you in the exhibitor zone, you will be show ready but if you have any other questions in the meantime, please reach us on the contact form below.

Online profile

千亿体育官网Your online profile acts as a virtual stand that will engage, influence and motivate buyers before, during and after your appearance at the live event. Here you’ll find information, advice and guidance on how to get noticed, get known, get found and how to network with the people that matter most –the buyers.

What is the Standard Exhibitor Marketing Package?

The Standard Exhibitor Marketing package is included as part of your exhibiting contract. It provides you with a web profile page that you can enhance with additional content such as logos; company description; product categories; keyword tags; product images; social media links etc. Enhanced profiles are proven to increase buyer engagement, influence and motivation before, during and after the show.

千亿体育官网Try to treat your online profile as you would your stand; dress it with high-quality content, including different channels for buyers to engage with you, and promote your brand identity to make a positive first impression on buyers when they are planning their visit. Your online profile is likely to be the first point of contact with buyers and remains on the website for the full show cycle, so it’s important to add your content as soon as you can.

千亿体育官网You can update your content at any time during the show cycle by logging in to the Exhibitor Zone with the username and password that we will have sent to you.

What benefits do I get from the Standard package?

千亿体育官网More buyers are now using our websites to preview products and source potential suppliers to help plan their visit. Therefore, your online profile is increasingly important to help you get noticed. People remember 20% of what they see, 30% of that they hear and 70% of what they see and hear. So adding high-quality visual content to your online profile translates into more interest and enquiries from buyers. In fact, our analysis of over 2,000 profiles shows that enhanced profiles receive up to ten times more views than unenhanced profiles.

千亿体育官网Your online profile has been designed to encourage buyers to engage via your website or social network channels. More channels to engage with you means more opportunities for you to generate valuable sales leads and sales prospects before and after the show.

How do I maximise the benefits from my online profile?

Start small, but start now. We strongly recommend that you start to enhance your online profile as soon as you have received your Exhibitor Zone username and password. You can highlight a selection of the products you’ll be exhibiting, new launches excite and engage buyers long before the show.

By enhancing your online profile, buyers are much more likely to remember your company and products or share them with other colleagues to help them plan their visit and their route around the show.

What if I don’t want to upload content onto my online profile?

You don’t have to enhance your online profile, but that’s a bit like not dressing your stand at the show. With so many products and suppliers on display, buyers expect and want to preview as much as they can to help them decide which products to buy and which exhibitors to visit at the show. Buyers also use the website as a reference tool after the show.

What do I do if the details on my profile are incorrect?

千亿体育官网You can amend any content that you have uploaded on your web profile at any time. If other information such as your company name, address, telephone, fax, stand number, web URL is incorrect, please fill out the ‘Change of contact details’ form in the exhibitor zone.

What should I do if I’ve lost or misplaced my login details to the Exhibitor Zone?

Click on the Exhibitor Zone login link situated at the top left of the website, then follow the ‘Forgotten your password’ link. If your email address is recognised as the registered user, you will be sent your login password. For any other queries, you can speak to the Bett Assistant by clicking on the box to the right of your screen titled 'Ask me anything about the event!'

How can I connect with visitors?

千亿体育官网On your profile, you can include a link to your website where they can check out your contact details directly. Your email address is hidden to avoid you receiving spam messages.

Should I tag my profile and products?

Yes! This is the best way for buyers to find your company. Our search function will pick up keywords that you have tagged your company under. By tagging your products and profile with relevant key terms, it increases the likelihood of buyers coming across your brand first.

What if the list of product categories doesn’t accurately describe my product?

千亿体育官网If you can’t find a product category that closely matches your product, we recommend you go to Keyword Tags and use the free text field.

What should I include in my 千亿体育官网 Description?

Your company description should inform customers what you do and how you do it. Describe your company and products clearly and concisely, using short descriptive sentences. Mention any awards that you have won and how you will help your customers. Avoid writing your stand number, telephone number or web address as these are already included elsewhere on your profile.

How do visitors to the website find my profile page?

千亿体育官网Visitors to the website can search in different ways such as; filtering exhibitors or products by show sector, product category, A – Z, new, or keyword search. Therefore, the chances of your online profile being found are dramatically increased if you have tagged your company to the correct product categories, added keyword tags and uploaded your product images.

千亿体育官网Exhibitors that enhance their online profile receive up to 10x more views that than those that don’t.

When is the best time to upload content onto my online profile?

You should aim to upload content as soon as you can after you have received your Exhibitor Zone login details.

千亿体育官网The exhibitor directory is open for buyers to view all year round, so the sooner you upload content, the more often you will get noticed and found by buyers and get networked via the range of contact options on your profile including; weblink, email, telephone, social networking, and most importantly, visiting you on your stand.

Do I have to complete a new online profile every time I rebook my stand for the next show?

No, the content you upload to your online profile is saved, so that you can simply edit the existing content to reflect changes to products; new launches; special offers and any new brand marketing identity or messages.

Who should I contact if I have any questions about the Exhibitor Marketing Package?

Please contact us via our Bett Assistant by clicking on the box to the right of your screen titled 'Ask me anything about the event!'

千亿体育官网 .    

Who receives a copy of the Show Guide?

千亿体育官网All pre-registered visitors to the event will receive a copy of the printed Show Guide when they arrive at the venue.

When do visitors receive the Show Guide?

The Show Guide is available at the venue on the first day of the show, but there will also be a Show Preview sent out in the post 2-3 weeks before, to all pre-registered visitors.

How do I ensure that my company is included in the Show Guide?

千亿体育官网Your show guide entry will be taken from your online profile. Please ensure you have completed this before the deadline date. 

How do I advertise in the Show Guide?

You can discuss a range of print advertising options by contacting our Official Show Guide publisher, Event Guides: email ben.bewley@eventguides.co.uk or call 44 (0)1228 541200

Exhibitor manual & operations

The Exhibitor Manual is accessed via the homepage of the Exhibitor Zone and contains all practical and logistical information on exhibiting. There are also some compulsory forms which must be completed to ensure a smooth exhibiting experience.

In addition to your compulsory forms, there are other optional forms that can help you personalise your stand and take advantage of other supplier services, e.g. catering, AV etc.

We will send reminders to your listed primary marketing contact in the lead up to the show but please ensure you browse the checklist (found in the Exhibitor Zone) for an overview of mandatory, recommended and optional tasks to complete prior to build-up.

How do I get access to the online exhibitor manual?

千亿体育官网Click on the ‘person’ icon on the top left of the website and enter the username and password that you will have been sent. Once you have access to your Exhibitor Zone page, click on the Exhibitor Manual button.

I have been to the show before, do I still need to log into the manual?

Yes. There are a number of compulsory forms which you must complete prior to your arrival on-site for each show. In addition, it is important that you log on to check that all the details that we hold for you are correct.

Who are the official contractors for the show?

A full list of company names and contact details is located on the ‘Contractors’ page of the Exhibitor Manual, found by clicking on the ‘Contractors’ button on the homepage of the manual. Please click the contractors' tab on the manual homepage.

What is my stand number?

千亿体育官网Once you have logged into the Exhibitor Zone/Exhibitor Manual, your stand number will be displayed.

Can I change the position of my stand?

千亿体育官网If for any reason you would like to reposition your stand or location please contact your sales representative.

I already have insurance; do I need to take out additional insurance from Hyve Group?

No, provided that you have adequate cover you don’t need to buy additional insurance. To ensure that you don’t pay for insurance unnecessarily, please send a copy of your insurance documents to InEvexco (Hyve Group's insurance broker) who will confirm whether you have adequate cover to exhibit.

What is the difference between a Shell Scheme and Space Only?

千亿体育官网Space only – marking on the floor. You build your own stand within this space and are responsible for floor coverings and dividing walls as a minimum.

千亿体育官网Shell Scheme – Carpet, walling and fascia displaying company name and stand number

What is the maximum height I can build my stand to?

千亿体育官网There is a height limit of 6m for space only stands at Bett. Shell Scheme stands are 2.5m high.

What are the dimensions of the Shell Scheme panels?

For full details, especially if you are ordering graphics to fit inside the panels, we recommend viewing the shell scheme brochure (found on the Exhibitor Manual under ‘Stand Info’ tab) or contacting GES customerservice@ges.com +44 (0)2476 380 180.

Am I permitted to rig above my stand?

千亿体育官网Rigged banners and lighting rigs are permitted at Bett. Please speak to your sales representative regarding banners.

When will I get my exhibitor badge?

Please register for your exhibitor badges via the link on the Exhibitor Manual. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email with your e-Badge attached. Please print this and bring it to the show – this is your badge for entry into the halls. Remember to pick up a plastic wallet onsite as you arrive.

How do I get to access the halls with the products I want to display on my stand?

千亿体育官网All exhibitors/contractors need to display a Vehicle ID Pass in the windscreen of their vehicle so that traffic marshals can direct them to the nearest Vehicle Entry door to their stand. This can be downloaded and printed via the Manual. You will also need to register your vehicle at the Traffic Office to get your time slot to finish unloading by. For more details, please see the manual.

I am a Shell Scheme Exhibitor; how can I affix graphics etc. to my walling?

If you have shell scheme stand you may affix lightweight graphics or displays to the walling using double-sided Velcro pads. Please contact GES (Melville) directly should you wish to affix any heavier exhibits.

How do I order extra furniture or lighting?

Furniture: You can order additional furniture or lighting through the Exhibitor Manual. Your furniture and lighting will be delivered/ installed on your stand during the build-up.

Please note: A surcharge will be added to electrical orders placed closer to the show. Further information on this can be found on the electrical order form or email us at exhibitor@bettshow.com千亿体育官网 or submit a question to our Bett Assistant by clicking on the box to the right of your screen titled 'Ask me anything about the event!' for helpful advice.

What security do you provide to keep the products on my stand secure?

千亿体育官网Security Guards patrol the halls for the duration of our tenancy and roaming CCTV is fitted throughout the venue. However, neither Hyve nor ExCeL London can accept liability for lost or stolen goods. We advise you to hire a night sheet from GES. Alternatively, you can remove your products from the hall each evening. For further information on this please go to the Organisers Office onsite.

Can I park at the venue?

Yes, there are 3,700 car spaces at ExCeL London, including 2,000 spaces directly beneath the venue. The main car parks are the Undercroft (Purple and Orange) for cars only and the Royal Victoria Multi-Storey Car Park (ExCeL West).  

千亿体育官网The Undercroft Car Park is pay and display but the West Car Park issues a ticket on entrance. The Undercroft Purple and Orange car parks have a 1.9m height limit, and the Multi-Storey has a height limit of 2m.

Bett Community Hub

Where can I find the Bett Community Hub?


An article/blog/link is missing from the community hub page, why is this and where can I find it?

This is because we are regularly updating the community hub page to be relevant with the most up-to-date resources each week. But don't worry, you can find all the others via the blog page here: http://jcajw.com/bett-articles

How can I get featured on the community hub page?

If you'd like to find out more about the community hub page and how you can get involved or be featured on it, please email uk@bettshow.com

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