Education Show @ Bett

Thinking 千亿体育官网 Visiting the Education Show @ Bett?

A one-stop-shop for all the supplies and information you need to make the most of your school budget. 

Our best practice presentations, demonstrations and range of suppliers will ensure you can challenge your thinking, discover new solutions and learn from practical implications behind policy and insightful school management best practices.

Visiting the Education Show @ Bett

  • Range of suppliers | Expo featuring all the non-edtech vendors needed to equip schools under one roof.
  • Product Experience | Hands-on demonstrations, a range of exhibitors and engaging products for schools.
  • Learning-Driven | Timely, topical, practical content focusing on Policy, Pedagogy and School Management.
  • Time, money and energy-saving | A two-day experience that fully prepares leadership teams to make their schools more effective whilst also offering free CPD accreditation for personal development.
  • Be part of the world’s largest gathering of school leaders attending Education Show and Bett, both at Excel in January.
  • A cost-effective platform to showcase your products and solutions.
  • Focus on face to face meetings.
  • Covering the full range of sectors within the education community, including Early years, Primary, Secondary, HE and FE, with UK & international audience.

Thinking 千亿体育官网 Exhibiting at The Education Show @ Bett?

千亿体育官网This year, located inside the world’s leading edtech event Bett, the Education Show will attract 34,000+ visitors, from the UK and overseas, offering a one-stop shop of resources and solutions that will make a real impact on the health and wealth of education establishments. 

千亿体育官网We want visitors to get hands-on experiences and face-to-face meetings with people like you so they can make informed purchasing decisions.

Exhibiting at The Education Show @ Bett

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