Innovation as a theme for Bett 2020 covered smart solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing teaching at all ages across a variety of settings. From K-12 through to Higher and Further Education - teaching and learning are constantly evolving and new methods and approaches are required to keep up with the pace.

千亿体育官网Being innovative with pedagogy encourages teachers and students to discover, investigate and use their skills more broadly to learn new and exciting things. At Bett, we showcased examples of how educators are looking at problems differently and how diverse thinking processes can help students to develop their core skills, including creativity and problem-solving. In addition to this, we highlighted how education as a whole could benefit when educators take risks, experiment with pedagogical approaches and utilise new methods to enrich the learning experience for students.      

千亿体育官网We showcased the latest innovations in technology through the many solution providers we had as part of the Expo and content at Bett. These companies were leading the way in developing new and innovative solutions to the challenges being faced in education today. From teacher workload to student retention and engagement, we helped our visitors make sense of these innovations and ensure they are making the right choices when it comes to trying new things in the classroom. From new technologies, curricular enhancement, course design and assessments, visitors were able to discover which innovations are having the biggest impact to the sector and learn from the experts who are already using these innovations in practice.

Educational institutions are at a point where they must innovate to stay ahead of the curve and to keep up with ever-changing student demands. Earlier this year, Pearson released the results of a new survey that found 51% of UK students reported that university had not sufficiently prepared them for the world of work. Innovation is the key to changing this around, and at Bett, we provided answers and showcased solutions to help educational institutions globally face the challenge.

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