The Bettcast

Tuesday 15 September 2020 - 08:00 BST | 15:00 MYT | 11:00 GST

Exploring new opportunities for education technologies within remote learning

With the whole world left affected by a pandemic, how we engage with teaching and learning has changed forever. As remote learning becomes more prevalent, we need to understand better where educators and institutions may fall short. 

Join Bett, Lenovo and a selection of key Asia-specific educators on 15 September千亿体育官网 for an exclusive discussion on the challenges created by COVID-19 and how they can be overcome with proactive and effective learning and instructional technologies.


Back to School

Wednesday 23rd September 2020 - 16:00 BST | 19:00 GST | 23:00 MYT

千亿体育官网After a testing and challenging academic year, how are school and trust leaders preparing for reopening? This webinar will explore how educators are engaging and readjusting to the school environment through discussing the following points:

  • What are the challenges of returning to school after a crisis?
  • In what ways are schools complying with the new DfE guidance for full opening and ensuring the capacity to offer immediate remote education?
  • What will be the impacts on teaching & learning and how can these be overcome?


Past Bettcasts

Bett Podcast Series

After a successful run leading to Bett 2020, the What Matters in EdTech series produced by The Edtech Podcast is back, this time with a focus on all things global. This series drills in on what matters in education as well as how and when technology might help.

Take me to the Podcast series


Corbets Tey School – Staying in touch, continuing learning

11 Sep 2020 Emma Allen, Headteacher, Corbets Tey School
  • 3 tips for helping students learn anywhere

    04 Sep 2020 Written by the Microsoft Education Team
  • What does ‘build back better’ mean in the context of educating the world’s children post-Covid-19?

    04 Sep 2020 Written by: Anna Riggall, Head of Research, Education Development Trust
  • Future Pedagogy and New School Models

    28 Aug 2020 Rohan Roberts, Head of Future Learning, GEMS Education and Director, Dubai Science Festival
  • Taking it gently is what will help children back to school

    28 Aug 2020 David Whyley, Education Consultant with Lexplore Analytics
  • Wellbeing and COVID-19…A Complicated Relationship

    14 Aug 2020 Written by Beth Kerr, Group Director of Wellbeing, Cognita
  • 5 Powerful mindfulness strategies for teachers

    30 Jul 2020 Written by Zoë Jenkins, Pobble Guest Blog
  • The gift of gratitude

    30 Jul 2020 Written by Patrick Melville, Marketing Director, TAP
  • No New Normal – Debunking COVID-19 Myths in Higher Education

    30 Jul 2020 By Hugh Martin, Registrar and Chief Administrative Officer, British University in Dubai

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